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About Department

Biotechnology Engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch having applications in multiple fields including Health care, Agriculture, Food Industry and Environmental issues. It has encompassed all the fields of life and technology and is currently a multi-billion enterprise. This rapidly advancing branch was initiated in our college in the year 2003. Since then, the Department is growing vertically in terms of Academics, Research, Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities facilitating the all-round growth of students. The Department is permanently affiliated to VTU and has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for a period of 3 years from the academic year 2019-2020 to 2021-2022. An expert team from NBA conducted an on-site evaluation of the programme during 3rd – 5th of May 2019. The Department has bagged ranks in both UG and PG programs.

The Department has excellent infrastructure involving well maintained classrooms and highly equipped laboratories which are designed for today’s technological challenges. The Department is doing outstanding research work in VTU approved Research and Development (R&D) Centre. The department has established unique research facilities, viz., Centre for Natural Product Research (With financial assistance from VTU; AICTE, New Delhi & DAE-BRNS, DRDO, New Delhi); Centre for Computational Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery (with financial assistance from Vision Group of Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka) and Centre for Bioremediation (With financial assistance from Naval Research Board, DRDO, New Delhi & DBT-BIRAC, New Delhi). In these R&D centres, several funded research projects have already been conducted and continuing. Research grants have been received from various national and state government funding agencies like DBT-BIRAC, DRDO-NRB, DAE-BRNS, AICTE, VGST-KFIST, VTU, KSCST and NIF. These projects are instrumental in strengthening our core research activities which are beneficial to both students and the staff. They have also generated enough funds to equip our department with necessary instrumentation and other requirements.

Highly qualified and seasoned faculties who can nurture the overall growth of students are also actively involved in conducting various programmes and activities in the Department. The Department is proud to state that, a domestic patent (Application No. 20171042005) is filed and a Bioremediation product PETROZAP is developed to address Bioremediation of hydrocarbons and oil spill with financial assistance under BIRAC (BT/AIR0558/PACE-15/18).

Aspiring to be recognized as a premier source of outstanding graduates, who in turn will help their enterprise attain and sustain industrial and societal competitiveness.

M1 To embrace and disseminate fundamental and applied knowledge of Biotechnology Engineering to attain academic excellence and industrial competency
M2 To empower the students for enhanced performance through continuous learning and research capabilities in multidisciplinary domains
M3 To create awareness about professional conduct and socio-ethical implications of potentials of biotechnology
M4 To equip the students to interchelate biotechnological solutions for present day challenges


  1. To endow students with basics of mathematics, life sciences and engineering necessary to analyze and solve scientific problems.
  2. To provide students with the necessary instructions and relevant practical experience combined with exposure to and adequate training to face basic challenges in Biotechnology.
  3. To inculcate scientific temperament in students to pursue and engage in research projects related to health, food and environment.
  4. To prepare students with efficient communication skills, team spirit and leadership qualities and awareness of professional conduct and mould them into responsible and competent engineers.
  5. To empower students to work in scientific environment with ethical values and social responsibilities.


  1. Graduates will gain and apply knowledge of Science, Biotechnology and Engineering concepts in order to design and perform the experiments followed by validating the data to solve complex problems in the multidisciplinary research fields of Biotechnology.
  2. Graduates will be able to analyze, appraise and develop technologies to address the Biotechnology Engineering problems while keeping in mind safety & ethical factors