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Information Science and Engineering


About the Department

The department of Information Science and Engineering was established in the year 2000, with the objective of moulding young boys and girls into Information Science Engineering professionals. The department has a four year full time BE program and a two year M.Tech (Cyber Security) program with an annual intake of 120 and 18 respectively. The department has been thrice accredited by NBA .These courses are imparted with deep theoretical and practical learning, for the perfect blend of techno managerial skills and hands activities.

To meet the educational, research & service needs of the region through collaboration with academic , technical institutions, businesses, government agencies & cultural organizations, there by, providing a platform that encourages students & faculty to continue their intellectual & professionalgrowth.

To develop the best Information Science Professionals, who work  creatively, communicate effectively & become technologically competent and also to mould them into good citizens by inculcating sense of ethical values in them.


  1. Be capable of understanding, analyzing and applying current & emerging technologies to design and develop solutions to IT/ITES/Software/Telecom related problems and acquire value and employment.
  2.  To have sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and Information science engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze practical problems and to prepare students for further studies and research.
  3.  Function effectively as individuals and team members in the workplace, growing into highly technical or project management and leadership roles, in various organizations.
  4. Create an awareness of the life-long learning process, to communicate effectively, learn necessary tools to successfully identify and adapt to ever changing technologies, by ethical means and code of professional practice.


  1. Provide effective and efficient real time solutions with the application of knowledge in IT, ITES, Networking and Software domains.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to work in a team, with professional ethics, good communication and documentation skills in designing, implementation and management of software products and services, at optimal cost.
  3. Proven capability to exchange views/concepts, incubate ideas         and to carryout lifelong learning with zeal, to be aware of the state of art   technologies and their development.